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A labour of love

Over at the Abergavenny Community Centre we are at the end of our initial three year lease. Shortly, we will publish our annual report which looks back on the Centre’s achievements and sets out the future plans of the organisation.  

During this foundation period the community centre has become a thriving gathering place for all sorts of people and activities. We are a home for sharing skills and creativity, and a meeting-up place where people come for friendship, comfort and good food.  People tell us that they value what happens here. So, if you don’t know what happens here, please find us; get in touch and be part of the movement.

The Centre attracts many volunteers, willing to support something they see as worthwhile and needed. Our volunteers are extremely important to us. In any one week the organisation receives between 120 and 250 hours of people’s most-precious asset – their time.  So why do people do it?  Well, it’s complex and it’s personal. There’s an inter-dependence, a relationship taking place between volunteers themselves, and the motivations that propel the centre. The ACC is a living, changing, vital space where people feel that their actions take meaning and create value somewhere else. The ACC is learning about people and what motivates us, and we’ve come to understand there is enormous worth in just allowing people’s knowledge, insight and life experiences to combine naturally with their skills, talents, abilities and wider needs. In essence, it is the very actions of volunteers who are being the change that they want to see.  It’s beginning to make sense to us now: the centre has come into existence to serve the needs of people, and it is this integral relationship that sustains it too.

The Abergavenny Community Centre is a grassroots initiative led by local people.

Find out more: or ring 07751666481 or leave a message on 01873 856925.

Abergavenny Community Centre, The Old School, Park Street, Abergavenny, NP7 5YB.

Tel: 07751 666481



Twitter: @undersameroof

Instagram: abergavennycc

Marion Pearse

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