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Business of the Week: Parry Hypnotherapy

Parry Hypnotherapy


Clinical hypnotherapy helps you feel like you. It is a powerful psychotherapeutic tool which helps you break negative patterns of behaviour and get the best out of life. It is also a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

Life is often great, but sometimes it is really tough. When we get hit with problems like emotional or physical trauma, or a build-up of little things we can lose perspective, happiness and the ability to cope. When this overload happens a part of our brain designed to deal with life threatening situations kicks into action. This part of the subconscious has not changed through evolution, it remains powerful and emotional, so in the face of stresses at home or work we can find ourselves experiencing the same stress response our ancestor’s had when they needed to flee or fight.

With evolution we developed our pre-frontal cortex, this is housed in the upper part of our skull. When operating from here we are positive, creative and feel really in control. It is the real you. So when we find ourselves unable to control our weight, habits, anger, anxiety it is a signal that we are reacting to life from the part of the brain that can only see threats. If we want to get back in control we need to be able to pull back from these emotional danger signals: easy to say often harder to do.

Hypnosis taps into a familiar mindset - have you ever driven home and forgotten bits of the journey? Been so engrossed in something you haven’t noticed time passing? Had a Eureka! moment when thinking of nothing in particular? Daydreamed? It is our most important brain function, we are processing information and considering future events by checking them against previous experience. This is the state we replicate in the consulting room and we harness it whilst focusing in on solutions to make fundamental positive change, getting you back in control.

I came to the field 11 years ago through hypnobirthing which sparked my interest in how our thinking effects our lives. Since then I retrained and continue to study and work successfully with adults and children to get the best out of their lives. I am fully qualified, insured and endorsed by professional bodies. We know from neuroscience that we can alter brain function, and hypnotherapy is a relaxing, enjoyable and proven way to effect positive change.

Phone: 01873 831427
Phone: 07742 834568

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