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Focus Editions: July 2019

July 1st, 2019

We are getting ready for Summer. How about you? Yes, I know what you’re thinking…this weather! But amongst the spells of showers (I prefer the word as opposed to ‘apocalyptic downpour’) the sun will shine and, when it does, our area is one of the best places on earth to find yourself!

My family is staying pretty much where we are this Summer, apart from the occasional jaunt in the caravan. Quite honestly I find that going abroad can be so head-spinningly expensive that it isn’t worth it…especially when there’s so much going on where we live.

This Summer is our last one with a pre-schooler. Our daughter starts reception in September so I feel as though the weeks before that happens need to count.

Lucky us, there are festivals and concerts and all manner of summery events taking place. Just check out our events calendar on pages 22(Abergavenny)/15 (Crickhowell & Brecon).

I hope you enjoy this month’s read – it’s a chocker magazine this month!



Abergavenny Focus July 2019
Crickhowell & Brecon Focus July 2019

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Abergavenny Focus Pick Up Points

  • Abergavenny Library
  • Abergavenny Tourist Information (Tithe Barn)
  • The One Stop Shop
  • Abergavenny Community Centre

The Focus: Crickhowell, Brecon & The Usk Valley pick up points

: Crickhowell

  • CRiC
  • Bookish
  • The Bear Hotel


  • The Bell Inn


  • The Red Lion
  • Walnut Tree Stores


  • Coop
  • Tourist Information
  • The Tower Hotel
  • Old Railway Line Garden Centre (Three Cocks)


  • The Red Lion
  • Castle Inn
  • The Lake Cafe (Summer only)
  • Llangorse Trekking Centre

Talybont on Usk

  • The White Hart
  • The Star Inn
  • Talybont Stores


  • The Gate


  • Morrisons

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