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Therapeutic music at Abergavenny Community Centre

Therapeutic music can improve brain function underlying listening and learning skills, language, concentration, memory, behaviour, and mood in anyone.


It especially can help stroke, fibromyalgia, autism, learning difficulties, dyslexia, ADHD and even the more profound complex learning disabilities.

A free talk and demonstration of some of the music-based programmes developed by will be at The Community Centre, on Friday the 30th September, 130-230 pm. These programmes are called The Listening Program (TLP). Published evidence and case studies will be included.

I am an Australian Occupational Therapist and musician. Please consider how this uplifting music can enhance the health, learning abilities and well- being of yourself, friends or family.

TLP, includes classical music by composers like Mozart,  Haydn and Vivaldi. These compositions have the fullest spectrum of sound frequency (20 to 20,000Hz), to start with. Sounds of nature are also included. Special effects have been added including filters to remove or retain specific sound frequencies so that the whole spectrum of sound will be gradually listened to over a minimum of twenty weeks. Specific headphones should be used.

TLP music helps body functions because of the extensive connections of the nerve pathways in the auditory system.

Abergavenny Community Centre

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