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Grassroots volunteer network offers support to those facing isolation during crisis.

Have you received a leaflet through your door recently about your ‘Street Monitor’? If you live alone and have no friends or family close by, now you have someone to call. If you need some essential shopping done or a prescription collected, or would just love a friendly chat, your Street Monitor (SM) should be able to help.

Organisers say that, although over 120 people have signed up as SMs in just a week, more volunteers are urgently sought. The need is even greater now that more of us must stay home. If you would like to help, please go onto the Facebook Group to become a Street Monitor, or to offer your support to the SM for your street.

If you aren’t on Facebook then you can email to be added to the list of helpers. Please specify your street when you sign up.

Co-organiser, Jo Webb, said: “These are extraordinary times, but that is often when we find extraordinary people. There are many amazing initiatives already helping others in our town – from the RoundTable and Ladies Circle, to the Young Farmers, Salvation Army and Cwtch Angels. Now MCC is beginning to coordinate things to a greater extent, but the beauty of the Street Monitor initiative remains in that it is a street-by-street, grassroots response to a very challenging situation. People are once again beginning to get to know their neighbours, and one positive thing to come out of all this might be that we are building more resilient communities for the future. But we are in urgent need of new volunteers; especially in the Mardy, Lansdown, Priory and Croesonen wards.

Please consider becoming a Street Monitor: because the only thing we really have in a crisis, is each other.

Jo Webb

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One response to “Abergavenny Street Monitors”

  1. Alice Morgan says:

    I have a query I hope you might be able to help me with. Are you able to support anyone in Crickhowell? I am an NHS Support Worker trying to find support with shopping for a family in isolation in Crickhowell. Many thanks for a reply!

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