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Firstly I would like to thank all of our clients for their continued support and letting me know that they will return to our services when these difficult times are over and it’s safe for us all.We will be back – hopefully soon.

With our new Fogging Technology sprayers and environmental solutions, (that are safe on hard and soft furnishings) Supa Dupa Cleaning now have the capacity to complete a sanitising clean on any indoor area; for example, hospitals, schools, dental surgeries, offices and many more.

The solution is used where there has been an outbreak of any virus or bacteria infections. The solution is sprayed through our fogging sprayers and coats all the areas it comes into contact with. The solution is a unique biocide which is effective against a wide range of coronavirus type influenzas, (this group includes Swine Flu Chinese and Japanese Flu strains, Wisconsin Avian influenzas and SARS). It’s also odourless and not harmful to the environment and dermatologically safe.

If the premises have been unoccupied For a few weeks, a general clean is recommended first.

Also with our petrol powered Mister we have the capacity to spray any outdoor space or larger areas with plenty of ventilation; for example, car parks, bin stores, school playgrounds and equipment, public sitting areas, gyms and leisure centre equipment and many more.

The same solution is used and the petrol Mister is fitted with a ULV nozzle for a fine mist.

On completion of the work and when the solution has settled you will have access and use of your areas usually with in an hour.

Full PPE is provided and worn by staff who are also working within the new government guildlines.

If you’re interested or need any further information of the above, general or commercial cleaning please contact us on :
Mobile:0796 997 2468
Office: 01873 850879

Or check out our website: www.

Catherine Pollard

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