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Patience and Planning are Key in Uncertain Markets

May 19th, 2020

Across communities and countries, we see families, business and governments all looking for the best way to prepare and protect themselves from the coronavirus outbreak.

In such times we all need to prioritise what matters most, and for many that includes making sure that they protect their hard-earned investments. This means it can be hard to sit back and observe the very real impact of the market volatility on your savings.

At these times, as we have seen during previous similar bouts of volatility during global events, one of the most important factors is to maintain a long-term view rather than trying to compensate for short term losses.

Three key principles that are worth remembering at times such as these are:

1. Stick To Your Plan
The distraction of short-term market changes does not change the purpose of the long-term plan you originally made with your adviser. Making sudden changes without taking advice could cause longer-term implications, so always talk to your adviser in the first instance.

2. Remember Cash Is Not Always King
While we all need some cash in case of an emergency, the temptation to move into low risk investment, such as cash, may not be the answer.
Remaining in a diversified investment solution which helps spread risk across a range of investments, is important, even .during widespread volatility, to help maintain capital growth, spread risk and position your investments for any subsequent market recovery.

3. Stay Invested
When markets are volatile it is tempting to exit the market or switch to cash in an attempt to reduce further expected losses. However, timing these moves is inherently difficult for individual investors. As markets move up and down, being out of the market can actually cause further losses and missed opportunities for recovery.

Dr Josh Lewis
iam Financial


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