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Weight Loss – A Mindset Approach

February 11th, 2019

Have you resolved to lose weight and eat healthily in the new year? Is it now getting to that time when what seemed like a good idea on January 1st is now becoming tedious? Do you need a helping hand towards achieving your goals?

Nicola Taylor of Eclipse Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is now offering a Mindset Approach to Weight Loss; a programme designed to change the way you think about food. “In the past when clients came to see me for help with weight-loss I worked on the premise that if I could help them to reduce their stress levels then weight loss would naturally follow. For some clients, however, this was just the start of their journey and I wanted to be able to offer more” said Nicola. After carrying out further research Nicola came across Sarah Sollom who devised the Mindset programme. “Training with Sarah was a real eye-opener and I love the fact that I can now offer weight loss support not just on a one-to-one basis but also to groups.”

The Mindset programme will help you to identify your unwanted eating habits and change the way you think about food but still enjoy it. A client completing the course one-to-one recently wrote ‘Thanks to Nicola my 40- year battle with food is over and I finally see food for what it is. It isn’t something to punish myself with, it isn’t something to congratulate myself with, it isn’t something to console myself with; it is about enjoying fuelling my body with what is right for me. Thank you for giving me the tools to take my life back.’

Nicola is now offering the 2-session Mindset Approach to Weight Loss programme as a group course on the 21st of February and the 7th of March. The course will take place at The Abergavenny Natural Therapy Centre from 7-8.30pm.

The course promises to be informative, relaxed and fun. Handouts, self-awareness exercises and a relaxation soundtrack are provided so you can continue your good work outside of the sessions. On completion clients can join a closed Facebook group for on-going support and Nicola offers up to 2 follow-up phone calls to help you stay on track. If you would prefer to come along with your own private group of family or friends, a course can be arranged at a time, on a day and at a venue that suits you. One-to-one courses are also available.

If you would like to enrol or find out more contact Nicola Taylor on 07802 286386 or e-mail All communication will be treated in the strictest confidence.

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