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The Locked-Down Forager

Adele Nozedar, forager extraordinaire and knower of all things that grow, talks us through re-discovering common plants we might find in our back gardens or out on our walks, and how they can be used in ways you’d never thought of! Hi there! Adele here, from Brecon Beacons Foraging. I was really upset when I […]

The Benefits of Relaxation

Life has changed so much for many of us in such a short space of time. Our homes have become offices, classrooms, gyms and even places to get a haircut. Many of my friends are using the word ‘juggling’ to describe how they are coping. One lady I spoke to said one of her biggest […]

VE Day at Home

On VE Day 75 years ago, people took to the streets to dance and celebrate the end of the war. This year, huge street parties and events were planned for the weekend beginning 8th May to remember that day 75 years ago. Unfortunately, due to the current global Coronavirus pandemic, many of these celebrations have […]

War in Wales

We may think times are often tough, especially at the moment, but for those of us who were not around to remember, think of what war must have been like. Rationing, bombing, conscription, the loss of a son or husband, evacuation – these were some of the experiences and issues facing those who lived through […]

How to Dance the Lindy Hop Swing

The ‘Lindy Hop’ is a swing dance that originated in New York in the late 1920s and early 1930s. It gained popularity in the UK in the 1940s thanks to the American servicemen stationed here during the Second World War. Why not try re-creating this classic wartime dance using this useful guide to the steps? […]

Nana’s Kitchen: Wartime Vinegar Cake

Sounds a bit weird doesn’t it? Vinegar. In a cake?! But before you discount this as total madness, let me tell you that this recipe really works and is really delicious.It’s a traditional fruit cake recipe but made entirely without eggs so was perfect during wartime because of the rationing of eggs.It has a lovely […]

May Editions 2020

Well this is a first for me! Our new kind of normal means that Hannah is currently furloughed, so it’s my job to look after the magazines solo. Don’t worry, she isn’t twiddling her thumbs – she’s busy home educating our five year old daughter and working on her own writing projects! Normally you’d find […]

Abergavenny Focus May 2020

South Powys Focus May 2020

Make your own VE Day Bunting

Make Your Flags You can print out a template or make your own. If you would like to print out flags, we have created a print-ready version for you, which combines both the Union Flag and the Welsh Flag. Click on the picture to download it. If you prefer blank flags, visit: for a […]

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